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About VOP


What is Voices on Paper ?

Voices On Paper is a group of passionate actors, writers, and script doctors who came together to help each other improve their scripts.
The chemistry between the members sparked so organically that VOP expanded into a weekly table read workshop group to help other writers.
Forming a team with a progressive mindset, VOP aims to provide a safe space for storytellers and deliver actionable feedback. 

Is Voices On Paper right for me?

VOP functions as a writer's room for screenwriters at all levels in their screenwriting journey.

Hearing a script out loud helps immensely with dialogue, flow, and pacing. The feedback immediately following the read helps flesh out characters, plot, structure, concept, and theme. An open discussion and additional questions from you after our notes is encouraged. 

The Team

Voices on Paper provides a safe space for creatives to share their work, hear their concepts and dialogue out loud, and receive constructive criticism through the lenses of individuals who have had entirely different life experiences and points of view.

VOP has been working together on a weekly basis since August 2020.
Our members have studied various acting methods and won numerous awards for performing, writing, directing, producing, and more.

The VOP team ranges wide in ethnic diversity, ages, LGBTQAI+ and allies, gender bending, foreign languages, and talents for accents, dialects, and voices.

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Award winning filmmaker and former pageant queen from Virginia, Ashna Sharan moved to LA to pursue her dreams to be on the big screen! Growing up as a classically trained dancer, she learned to express herself through movement which eventually helped with her acting. Ashna loves pouring her heart and soul into socially conscious storytelling.



Dale Madison
originally from Baltimore, Maryland, is an award-winning educator, LGBTQ activist, playwright, author, performance artist, doll collector & designer, and
He moved to Los Angeles in 2000 with his one-man show FREEda slave: Mask of A Diva.



CristiAna “Cris” Felipe European-American, nonbinary athlete, living in Los Angeles, super passionate about writing and performing for films, TV, + music. Fluent in French and Portuguese.

Cris has a BA in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University, and 8+ years experience in stand-up comedy.



Diana Black is an Aussie-American optioned screenwriter and competition finalist for features and television.
Her extensive actor training is via The Method, Meisner,
and Practical Aesthetics.
She has a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree majoring in Drama,
Film & Television.



Jeremy Pace is a comedian, actor, writer – a poet since he was 6 years old. Before Los Angeles, he was seen on stage as an actor, burlesque personality, improv performer, storyteller, and poet, now pursuing his dream stand-up comedy career. He currently hosts Misfits Comedy Party with his comedy sidekick.



Nate Raven currently lives in Los Angeles after enjoying a successful musical theater career in NYC. He’s written two award winning short films, as well as plays and TV series. He is a leader for Indie Film Theater’s Writer’s Room (a new streaming platform for theater and filmmakers) and a ‘script doctor’ on the side.
He loves representing voices that have barely been heard or not at all.  



Chicago Born Breeze Vincinz is a potty mouth writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Formally trained as a screenwriter, he received a B.A. in Film Studies at Columbia College, Chicago, and his teleplay "Miss Fortune" was an official selection for the LGBTQ+ Los Angeles Film Festival and City of Angels Women's Film Festival. He is active in the spoken word community and has published a book of poetry, "Life As A Boy," as well as the rideshare memoir "Ride. Share. Stories."



Jack of all trades, Simone Thomas is a polyglot who loves to read and write in her spare time. Simone grew up in Los Angeles and has a Bachelor’s in Business. Having returned from traveling abroad,
she enjoys connecting with people from all over the world and expressing herself through the arts.



Sophia LaPaglia comes from a theater background where she started as a child and has been working as a professional actor for over 25 years. After many years of training in NY and a long running one woman show in San Francisco, she recently decided to make the move to LA where she is pursuing acting, directing, coaching, and screenwriting.


Wayne Jay is an actor, voice actor, singer/songwriter, and musician, living in Los Angeles. It's pretty unlikely that you've seen or heard anything he's done.
He spent most of the last four decades working as an aerospace engineer by day and a stage performer by night in a variety of states, countries, and continents.



A transplant from Queens, NY to Los Angeles, CA Robin S Roth has been active in theater, film, and TV.
She can be seen in “Goin’ Around” {Best Feature, 2020 LA LIVE Film Festival]; “Jessie The Golden Heart” with Eric Roberts [Best Feature Finalist, 2019 LA Femme International Film Festival];
and more.



JJ Duffy is an LA based writer, actor, and gay dad who loves helping you find more comedy in your script, talk about characters, and figure out pacing in his upbeat encouraging way.
He’s written hundreds of sketches, shorts, commercials, and feature length scripts, and is the head writer, creator and star of Gym Shorts Comedy on Amazon



Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Deidra Kathleen has earned degrees in film and theatre, and graduated from Second City - Hollywood's improv conservatory. She’s a stand-up comedian, has earned awards for film and acting, and even got a chance to work with her childhood idol, A.J. McLean. She adores theatre, fantasy, sci-fi, and improv. 


Shari Vasseghi is an Iranian native with lots of jokes under her burqa from 10+ years of experience in Stand-up comedy.
A huge believer of being a light onto humanity through her writing, Shari’s comedies aim to inspire a better world.
She enjoys telling character driven stories with strong Persian-American female leads

Joe Filippone


Actor/Voice Over 

Joe Filippone is from Denver, Colorado. An actor for 30+ years, he’s appeared in films, TV, webseries, video games, commercials,
theater productions, animated films and series, and even in non-sex non-nudity roles in adult films.
Joe loves Asian horror movies and all things occult.


Happy one year anniversary Voices On Paper !!


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